Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Bronze Age Makings

Pouring molten metal again, the most expensive therapy. I have a college fridge of waxes going back to 2017. That's only 4 years ago but feels like 40.

Ladies Night

The days of the week are divided between Roman days (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) and Nordic days (TWRF). TWR are named after Norse gods Tyr, Wotan, Thor. F is Frigga's day. Frigga is not a name, it is a honorific, like Ms. Mrs. or Dame. Friday night is Ladies Night. What's your pleasure?

It's not a night out without a broken heel

I always knew I was wolves and ravens; packs and murders. 

What I didn't notice until now was how much of a baseball mitt my hand is.

If you wonder what the new version of capitalism is, it's the same. The Anglo-Dutch fire ant disruption version of capitalism. Why compete when you can eliminate? Our ExPlures fuck it.

Trump is retarded fag. How did he get elected? Ah, maybe ask the aliens. I dont' know.

Anyway, I'm trying to recapture the thrill of death from the cancer diagnosis but I can't prolong it. Every now and then I do feel the push to excel. Not much time left., must perform at maximum. I can't sustain much as I want to. It's like listenisng to fast beat music or cocaine. You don't want it to stop.

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