Saturday, November 21, 2020

These Internets are making me HANGRY!

I was introduced to the Internet in 1994 and my productivity went to pathetic.

I finally got a smart phone in 2012 and now I am dumb as fuck.

I would be willing to bet that if you did a brain scan of me in 2009, and one now, you would see the non-deterioration would be the fear and anger centers, which have grown alarmingly.

The frontal lobes? Ooh. Bad. Although they say psychedelics promote more neural growth.

Social media is our Krell moment. You know, Forbidden Planet? Monsters from the Id.

It's almost all bad and here we are stuck in it. Although a lot of parts are fun. Sounds like drugs. Bionic drugs. Electrostimulation and psychdelic-teledildonics. And all the accoutrements. Wearables, of course. No chips in my brain. Although wearables affecting my brain, suggest remotes. Remote manipulation of brains is a concern.

I don't have earbuds. I have cans. And honestly, there are times when I get the magic of electronic telepathy. Oh my god you're in my head get out of my head! That human voice connection is fun. The video also and fine through AR glasses. Bring on the AR glasses with subtitle and zoom lens.

Our brains are oozing out into our technological Oosphere, a Diaspora, and now is not the time for that.

Right now the Oosphere seems to like Hothouse Earth. We being Icehouse Apes is not so good for us.

I'm Icehouse Ape-centric but not stupid.

We've killed half the world since I came into it. To kill the other half is beyond stupid. I'm an atheist and aint no ghosts, but I recognize life, us , Earth as alive and sacred. And the murder should send me into righteous wrath. And does. And yet I do nothing.

But honestly, how much would I do? I'm lazier than Trump. I'm not doing anything,

Consider: Jeff Bezos currently worth $181 billion dollars. Median USA worth is $97,300.

Average height of men in the USA is 69 inches. Nice!

$97300 is to $181 billion as 69 inches to X inches. Solve for X.

Answer: Jeff Bezos is 2025 miles tall. He (or the Mecha he pilots) is his own moon. I'll bet you he wants to live as long as that.

Meanwhile the numbers are in. In 2016, 53% of white people voted for Trump. In 2020, 57% voted. 

This is all white trash civil war, white backlash v4.2, 

We don't need the world's interference. We got us a decade to go full retard. And we will!