Thursday, November 5, 2020

Puce Lives Matter

The reason given that a Blue Lives Matter flag does not violate the Flag Code is it is not an American flag. 

Whose country's flag is it then?

(and we all know the answer to that)

Phlox Lives Matter. Chartreuse Lives Matter. blah. meh.

Why aren't there sixty or seventy stars on the flag?

Well, the last two states, Hawaii and Alaska, were always problematic, read 

a little too brown

and more of a Cold War necessity. I mean, why couldn't we have invaded Norway instead of Puerto Rico or the Philippines which, let's face it, ALL our territories are inconveniently brown.

Hell, we have large swathes of the continent that are inconveniently brown.

We being Real Americans akkka whipepo.

And I get it, white people never had so much fun under Trump since Reagan. And the reason they are having fun is they aren't scared.

Conservatives, consistently under forced brain scan, have enlarged amygdala, the fear center.

Fear motivates conservatives.  Fear don't get you to the future. Fear makes you hide in the past.

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  1. And look at Trump queening out and forcing his party to go full CAPS-LOCK. He's the crunt that cried wolf.