Monday, November 9, 2020

Madison's Orrery

I started with this activity primarily to created 3D printed objects, kitbashing and noodling rather than physical rendering. Haven't saved any time or effort and in fact added an additional layer of work.

So one day I said fuck it, this is fun all in it's own little world, who cares about 3D printing? I'd removed an arbitrary rule and opened up a world, or a #vir, a pocket universe in cyberspace.

A sculpt file in Adobe Medium is what I call a #vir, or would be a #vir if the scenes were walk-arounds rather than staged for photographs. 

This series I was thinking of Jack Vance's The Dying Earth. Ancient ruins and blasted landscapes with incredibly pungent refugia interspersed. In this scene, giant monkeys accost(?) accompany(?) a wayfarer in a skull dust mask. What do the giant monkeys live on? No ones knows, since they ate everyone.

I make these things to escape the horrors around me. The admittedly low level horrors interspersed with long stretches of boredom. 

This is going to be a horrible winter. 

Well Boomers and Doomers we will test Madison's Orrery once again. Each world state circling a federal sun lasted all of four score and seven years.

And then they strengthened the gravitational pull of the sun.

What they forgot was those world states developed powers and character and kin. Shining California, Oregon and Washington, perhaps the last embers of liberal democracy. Or perhaps, allied with Hawaii and the Deep State, the next step in slime mold experimentation that gets us a seat at the table on Venus.

I say thank all nonexistent Gods for the Deep State. They suffer the ills of organization which happens to all, public or private, yet is uniquely capable of big dick thinking, or big vagina thinking. Or big tit thinking. We need big tit thoughts more than ever.

(Speaking of which, Kim Guilfoyle and don jr should become sex workers and (s)he'd make his own fortune).

So after January 20 everything wrong is the fault of soft penis liberals. 

And the drama queen right wingers are freaking losing everything. Ready to be sent to gulags and reeducation centers. (And yes, we shou;d make them get MBAs before we send them to North Dakota!
Come on QAnon! A Gianforte in charge of Montana? Tony Montana??! 

Dave Chapelle laid it out. Nothing changed. Like we been telling you!

Stupid white fucker. That's me. And that's how I feel if I wasn't white, but doing OK. 

I think I'm on top of things and it turns out I'm sleep walking just like you.

And probably because the AIs can think a million times faster than us.

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  1. Venus is, it turns out, a superintelligent being. Might want to think about that