Thursday, July 7, 2016

We Shall Study War Forever More

Right now from ten feet up: Hillary and Trump have their primaries sewed up, on to the conventions. Question: Who is working for whom? Despite all the corporate media hand-waving and yoo-hooing, despite all the juvenile shit from the both of them, they do seem to be walking hand in hand...

From a hundred feet up: That Concealed Carry thing (irrespective of licensed and authorized or not) does not seem to be working out too well for our more dark complected fellow citizens of the US of A. Perhaps they should shield themselves with white people brandishing long rifles.

From five hundred feet up: Our Reluctant Caesar, Barack Obama, despite assurances that 'this is not who we are', seems determined to prove to the ages that this is exactly who we are.

Torture prisoners. Keep suspects in indefinite detention without due process. Assassination by drone.  Barbarism, savagery, oppression, hypocrisy. True, introduced by Bush and his incompetent psychopaths, but normalized by Reluctant Caesar. Doesn't want to push the button that keeps the whole militarist train to moving, but does anyway, after a sigh and a shrug. How will it be any different under Trump or Clinton? It won't.

From a thousand feet up: The 'longest war in the US history continues'. The War on Terror. Funny, though, how there are now more  - and more virulent - terrorist organizations in 2016 than in 2000, because... (psst we play right into their hands, by going ape shit and slaughtering anything that moves, guilty or not, and thus provide even more cannon fodder seeking revenge upon us for going ape shit all the time, a cycle of viciousness that any casual student of US history would instantly recognize).

From ten thousand feet up: Funny, also, how, if you ignore the brief two week stand-down in 1995, the US of A has been in a state of emergency for at least 75 years. Bridges collapsing, roads turning to gravel, lead in the water, standard of living plummeting, social safety net in tatters, a heathy, educated, and informed citizenry in decline, yet plenty of monies for making war. Sound familiar?

From a hundred thousand feet up: The Battle of the Somme commences, and though there are already two million people stuffed into sausage casings and rotting underground, an additional million will be ground up in the next few months. Get used to this, folks, because:

From a million feet up: One of three possibilities, peace (probably because all the annoying beach apes are gone), war (with or without the annoying beach apes present) as our machines take our lessons to heart, or ?

Not betting on ?


  1. Also from ten feet up, a partial murder of crows settled in the pine tree outside my window this morning. I said hello to them in a sing-song voice. One cocked her head at me, whispered and chuckled and made other soft sounds. Not for me. Pretty sure she asked "Does anyone know this guy"?

  2. I've been told the world is not going to shit.