Thursday, March 10, 2016

Got Tard Milk?

I honestly don't know when tards decided that Louis Pasteur was a dangerously radicalized leftist determined to contaminate your precious bodily fluids, but they do. They come up with all sorts of medieval kookery, to amuse, I suppose, their fellow tards, like on that MTV show Jackass.

So, the West Virginia legislature legalized raw milk, and celebrated passage of the act with big cool glasses of raw milk all around. They then commenced to the puking and shitting. Beautiful.
Representative Pat McGeehan celebrates!
Seriously what the fuck is wrong with all these tards? Where do they come from? How is it they survived childhood, when they should, according to Darwin swallowed their tongues years ago?

I just don't get it. From whence this raw milk fetish?

I understand how conservatards latched onto it. Freedumb!

You know, you should able to do any stupid ass thing without government interference. And I say more power to them. Pursuit of happiness. Just don't expect any government interference to SAVE your stupid asses. That's going too far. We are not socialists, after all.

(Unless, of course, you are a member of the elite upper classes like banksters and hedge fund managers and billionaire politicians, in which case, of course we will rescue you, you poor stupid helpless tardasses).


  1. Ha! "Freedumb"!

    Thanks for posting this, I hadn't heard about it. And couldn't agree more about saving them.

  2. I've drunk raw milk with no ill effects. it probably made them sick because it is so rich and they've been eating chemicals so long that they don't have the gut biotics to deal with it.

    1. Well, they said they got sick from something else. Fresh anything can sicken you if it's got the bad germs on it. If the food-industrial complex can't keep prepared foods safe, I don't see how fresh foods are exempt.