Wednesday, April 23, 2014


The past three months, I've been staring at a "Check Engine" light on my dashboard, and the past two months I've been dreading what that high pitched whine coming from my engine meant. I knew I was going to spend money, and I went through a turmoil of uncertainty and procrastination before I finally decided I had to do something.

The idea of my car either breaking down in some inconvenient spot at some inconvenient time, or actually endangering my life, had my stomach turning into knots. So, I took the car in today.

And, I'll be spending about $1300. Worn bearing in the idler pulley explains the high pitched whine. And the "Check Engine" light is both the oxygen sensors and a catalytic converter.

The mechanic asked "What do you want to do?".

Now, once I'm given that question, with an unknown bogeyman suddenly known, I have no problems.

"Do it, baby" I replied.

At least I have an unknown dread behind me. I know what I face, and it doesn't look all that bad. I've now to do some hustling and budget juggling, cost cutting, and with more bills on the way... well, there's always more bills on the way. I am now in a very good mood. And it occurs to me, that, even though I need the car, I don't need that for everything, and the weather is turning nice...

Good thing I have that bicycle.

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