Monday, April 28, 2014

The Final Kickstarter Reward

...and only six months late! Well, it was for my nephew, and he knew about my medical problems and how I was a little delayed on everything. And then I had to get sculptures ready for shows. But it's all done, and now all I have to do is specimen boxes of cast glass. I was supposed to 30, and I ended up with 10.

Anyway, here's the reward from start to finish. The cast glass and bronze waxes:

The bronzes in their raw state:

The cast glass piece:

The finished bronzes:

And an impromptu presentation of the reward. The wood shelf I slapped together from scraps:


  1. O Man, these are gorgeous. Is that a touch of green on the tentacles? They're beyond beautiful, mysterious, thought-provoking. I'm so glad you put your work on teh web, so I can gape at it.

  2. Thanks! yes, both the bronze and the glass have a little green in them - unintentionally. The bronze from flame scorching to speed up oxidation, and the glass just the background black bleeding through the yellow powder.

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  4. what are these? I'm intrigued

    1. I'd guess you would call them biomechanical forms. I think of them as fossils of mechanical creatures from the future that shouldn't be here.