Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Charles Koch: Spoiled Rotten

I wanted to comment on the crybaby whine of Charles Koch posing as an editorial published in the Wall Street Journal (although, to be honest, ALL editorials in the Wall Street Journal pose as editorials).

I know it was published back on April 2nd, but I've been busy, OK? I know others have already made fun of Charles Koch, but I want a swipe at him as well. And then there are those stooges who know how to lick this goon's boot nice and clean, like Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas, who read the entirety of his boss's editorial on the Senate floor.

Come to think of it, I wonder if April 2nd is April Fool's Day for rich people? You know, like Boxing Day is after Christmas? It would make a whole lot more sense, because then, after Koch goes about wrapping himself up in the flag about caring about your liberties, he could have said, "Nah. April Fool's! I don't give a shit about you little people who weren't thoughtful and resourceful enough to inherit wealth. FUCK Y'ALL!"

A new study came out confirming what we all knew: the United States of America is an oligarchy.

Actually, I'm guessing one thousand years from now, future historians will go further, and observe the American experiment was one of the greatest criminal enterprises ever (because, you know, no one got punished).

There is pretty solid empirical evidence that monied interests have controlled public policy from day 1, not to mention the system set up by the Founding Fathers has a substantial status quo bias. And so it makes Koch's editorial all the more dishonest, and the general complaint of rich goons and their stooges that government doesn't work rather disingenuous. (Rather a self-fulfilling prophecy given that they are controlling public policy).

Which means either Koch is delusional in the way authoritarians are (it is not enough that I fuck with you, you must love and respect me for it), or is just cynically fucking with us regular folk while he and his Thurston Howell III cronies laugh over drinks at the club about it. Either way, we get fucked, and the op-ed is such a transparently infantile little whine that my first impulse is to say to Koch "I'll give you something to cry about"!

And given that conditions are about the same, or worse, as when Franklin Roosevelt gathered his generation of oligarchs together and told them that public sentiment demanded they make concessions, else find themselves hung upside-down with their severed genitals stuffed in their mouths, perhaps it is time for the current crop of rich goons to reevaluate things.

Oh, right, and the New Yorker has a fascinating article out about extreme spelunkers.

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  1. This was not one of my better essays and was painful to read. I won't change it. That's not my policy.

    But I do agree that that cocksucker Koch and the rest of his ilk are despicably petulant in victory. Those fuckers control everything, and they STILL whine because they don't have the love and respect of those they grind underfoot? What the fuck do they want?