Thursday, May 30, 2013

And now I turn myself into a freaking factory

But don't worry about burnout. Impossible. The more I make the more refreshed I become. Here's today's output of four forms (would have been more, but I went out to lunch):


  1. lol, um, it could just be me, but, looks like an awful lot of medieval torture/spirochete-spermatic devival going on with those forms right thurr...,

  2. I work with what I got, which is a combination of the available forms pulled out of the box, prior efforts, future conundra, and, of course, the pseudorandom wanderings into the bright and shiny corners of my dark and dirty mind. Keep in mind, these haven't been through The Cull yet. And anyway, it's not like any of these creatures I've made so far is something you would want pressed between your buttocks, leastways, not me or mine would. But all of them probably Church of Bob approved and sanctioned.

  3. the bright and shiny corners of your dark and dirty mind indeed....,

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