Friday, May 10, 2013

Mogadishu on the Mississippii

I'm a big fan of Eris, the Greek goddess of chaos, strife, and discord. I've come to think that what we call Greek tragedies, the Greeks found funny as hell - kind of like how Hieronymus Bosch's fascinatingly macabre and horrendous paintings were the Dilbert cartoons of his age. You know, like Oedipus at Colonus, how he kills his dad, fucks his mom, and puts his eyes out. Got to be funny as hell to them back in that barbaric age, not so funny now. Something lost through time, I suspect, but the irony implicit in the chorus' repetition that "not to be born is best" is still extant.

And so you got Eris, whom I would describe as the arbiter of unintended consequences, the modern-day version of chaos, strife, and discord.

Take two instances. The first is the gun printer's website (which gets enough buzz as it is, so I'll not mention it here) and the please-arrest-me-so-I-can-set-a-legal-precedent in-your-face stance they take. (Ironically also reinforcing-statist-controls-by-affirming-through-legal-means-that-the-government-insures-your-rights by winning any legal precedent). Their big deal is Thingaverse prohibits gunprinting. On the other hand, their website is part of the Freedumb movement and is liberty incarnate (their version, the only real version), and will thus accept any and all designs without prejudice.


Fine. Take advantage of this offer. Flood their site, in kind of a denial-of-service spime attack, with every cute-sie knick-knack, tschotske, bric-a-brac, fandangle, curio, thingamajig, curio, precious moment, hello kitty design artifact that you can think of. Better still, let some hijacked computers think of it. They say they will deny nothing. Take it over the top. See how they like freedumb.

Secondly, the Misery Missouri state legislature has passed a bill to counteract federal gun laws. They've sent the bill to the governor to sign into law. I say go for it! I especially like this part:

"The Kansas legislation would prohibit federal regulation of guns that are manufactured and remain in the state. It would also criminalize the enforcement of federal gun-control laws"
Missouri, don't let Kansas show you up! I'm pretty sure federal gun-control laws include the prohibitions on automatic weaponry and military munitions like flamethrowers, rocket-propelled grenades, things like that. So, I say, entrepreneurs, set up shop in Missouri and start cranking those domestic machine guns and RPGs, and by all means, make them freely available to all. No restrictions.  I really, seriously want to see the big round O on the legislators faces when motorcycle gangs with AK-47s get the insurgency going full on. With any luck, maybe a few of the windows in their gated communities might shot out. Maybe one of their babies' heads struck with a stray armor-piercing round from a mile away. Maybe their stretch limo gets hit with a proudly-locally-made M40 grenade.

One can at least hope.  


  1. Who'da thunk the defcad anarchists and the states rights dixiecrats would've made such compatible bedfellows?

    The reason it'll be a non-issue here on the fringe of bloody Kansas, is because the old gnurds and makers won't be having any part of either the anarchy or the confederacy - and - billy bob and the boys don't have access to 3-D printers and besides, they have a significant gunshow within a stone's throw at least once a month - so they're genuinely not hurting for any real hardware to play with.

    1. Perhaps you are right, most makers I know are horrified by all this. And some people have questioned why I am getting so bent out of shape about it. I reply, I'm only irritated. If I were bent out of shape, I'd do more about it than just talk. As I've tried to explain to the offspring of my siblings, never underestimate a scoundrel just because you have a bad opinion of them, and so I refuse to underestimate pumpkin-headed rednecks who think they know what is best for me and mine.

  2. lol@"pumpkin-headed rednecks" lawd...,

  3. The lack of legislators to put through even the most modest of gun control legislation has put a dent in my optimism recently. It's just unbelievable.

    After the 5-year-old-shooting-the 2-year-old episode in KY I went to the Wal Mart site where they sell Crickett .22 caiber rifles for kids online. They had a warning to Californians, stating that the strict laws in CA could cause law enforcement officials "to mistake the Crickett for a firearm." Like it's just a squirt gun or something.

    gaaah, you got me going.

    1. Sorry, Kerry. I've found that brisk walks help. Running until you can't think about anything but drawing breath even better.

      Big-picture-wise, I'd like to think sanity is going to win out. My understanding is the State Department has temporarily shut dissemination of the gun printing files down. And perhaps that is where this is all going to go. The 2nd amendment says "the right to keep and bear arms" shall not be infringed, but not a peep about manufacture and distribution. And besides, if I were Defcad, I'd be less worried about the guvmint, and far, far more worried about all the ambulance chasers salivating at the chance to sue the shit out of them with the first printed gun injury/homicide.