Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Made It!

Well, I missed it when the last backer put me over the top last night. It was only when I got home and saw some congratulatory emails on my mobile that I knew we had done it.

We. that's the operative word. So, applause. Not for me, but for my backers. I applaud you all.

Were my generosity a large furry mammal, it would be a wooly mammoth.
Were my generosity a loud noise, it would be Krakatoa. Or maybe a garbage truck dropped off the Empire State Building.
Were my generosity a landfill, it would be Puente Hills, CA - 500 feet deep with a third of LA County's trash.
Were my generosity a lump of ice, it would be the Ross Ice Shelf.
Were my generosity a comet strike, the dinosaurs would be dead  as hell.

And see? They are! And that's how big my thanks to you is!

Okay, well maybe not that big. But still pretty darn large!

So, just so you know, I haven't been sitting on my laurels. I'm working on still more funny little bronze forms, because I figure not everyone at the hundred dollar level might want the one bronze creature I've concocted. And since I've until August, I figure I can introduce a little variety.

Here's one that was in wax, now in bronze, and more in the pipeline:

...and... I've been working on some custom drawer pulls and cabinet handles (separate from the kickstarter venture, and not available at the moment) . These are a (hopeful) commission for fans of the snaky reptile handle. I'm trying to get a local cabinet maker interested in buying limited edition custom made hardware from me:

So, once again, THANKS to all my backers and I will commence to cranking out rewards and ordering the glass for many cool-as-shit things.


  1. Yay yay yay! Not that I donated any money but I'm so glad you succeeded. I did post you on my FB page. Now I'm sorry I didn't contribute. Really like your snaky handles and knobs though. I was bit by a snake last year ya know.

    1. Yay indeed! It's starting to get embarrassing with the contributions. I'm going to end up with a SHITLOAD of glass. But I believe I will also buy aluminum ingots with some of the cash. Good thing I figured out how to productionize the rewards beforehand...