Friday, November 11, 2011

Working Untitle

I eventually come up with titles for all my artworks. I don't like "Untitled". To me, it suggests you really don't give a shit about what you made. Maybe that's why I rarely give a shit for pieces titled "Untitled".

In any case, more raw footage of the... whatever this is going to be. I have fifteen of the little hairy sperm bacteria done, with five more that need repairs and finishing. The metal froze out before filling the forms, and so I have to fashion little hairs and tails for the guys, weld them on, and then grind them to be seamless with the rest of the piece. The barrel-shaped bacteria I am done with. And I like the way they are arranged. So, approximately 30% of the whole project is done. the other 70% is presentation. that's going to take awhile to figure out.

I punched in my signature on all of the pieces. This is what it looks like, a reverse "JK", courtesy of good old "Proudly made in the USA" American quality control and assurance. The punch set I got had the letter J backwards. Makes me look forwards to synthetic biology and nanotech. I wonder what they'll fuck up with that?

In any, case, long day for me. I finished burning out all of the ceramic shells for the molten metal pour tomorrow, Saturday the 12th. The students around really hot stuff element of the class is, for me, nto that big of a deal. I herd them pretty well. The really nerve-wracking day of the semester will be the Monday evening class when they start cutting and grinding metal. Sparks will fly right into an eye. I will be constantly yelling at people to wear their safety gear.

I realized just now that the whole class would be a lot easier and faster if I just did all the work for them. But then, it's not life enriching, is it?


  1. nope. got to make the fuck ups to really learn and just hope they don't put an eye out in the process. I totally don't get the whole coddle protect from all injury mentality.

    oh, and did I say really really like?

  2. Ellen, glad you like. Me like too.

    And no hot metal bits in eyes the other night!

    Any crash landing you survive is a good landing.