Friday, October 14, 2011

Creepsicle, anyone?

I believe, working on these things, I've had about fifteen people so far commenting about how weird they are.

Well, good, that was the point.

I get the feeling that these little fellers are communicating to each other behind my back. Perhaps, even, making group decisions... like the real things.

Working on my wax forms representing bacteria, I put together a makeshift cardboard tray to hold them on. As is usually the case in art making, it is the inadvertent action that results in the most interesting thing.

I can remember - many times - cutting up some wood for a project, only to realize that the scraps are more visually interesting than the intended object's parts.

Go figure.

So... I guess, when I am done with the current project, I'll be making a Creepsicle Tray for chocolate covered creepie-crawlies, and so near Halloween as well. Might be worth making them edible.


  1. Depends on what it is composed of. Yummy ice cream and chocolate, yeah.

    Describe to me your model making process. Send it in an email if you want.

  2. The tops are awesome but the sticks are boring.

    The sticks should either be really ordinary lollipop sticks or.....

    Is it OK to talk shit like that? I like em, but everyone's a critic I guess....

  3. I'm instantly seeing Fergie extolling the virtue of one-a-deez jawnts - but then I'm a long-time and unrepentent sucker for nearly everything from the mind of Irving Klaw.

    that said, they look very inviting to me and I recommend that you go all-in and make-em out of black licorice for that twisted demographic that just can't get enough anise flavor in their mouth or enough Irving Klaw on their brainpan...,

  4. Ellen,

    I will put together a instructional video for the next entry.


    I didn't interpret your comments as "talking shit". Rather, as evidence that I did a piss-poor job of explaining myself. The whole setup that you see is to store the pieces until I can rig them up for investing in a refractory material, melting out of the wax, and pouring of metal (eg. the lost wax, or cire perdue process). As such, the boring sticks are wax runners that I use to eventually introduce the molten metal into the forms. They are extruded red wax tubes, rather than a final presentation. But the accidental presentation certainly suggested taffy apples or similar, and any final presentation will, yes, make use of popsicle or lollipop sticks.

    Nulan san,

    Pity a modern day Bettie Page is not around to cheerfully demonstrate the 'product'.

  5. Ha! Your Bettie Page remark made me laugh. And I like CNu's idea about black licorice, plus they would hold their shape better.

  6. and... and! making them from black licorice is possibly deadly, just adding to the Addams Family seductiveness of the pieces.

    More glycyrrhizin, anyone?