Monday, October 17, 2011

The Crazy Man Strategy

So, there was the strange plot to kill the Saudi ambassador on American soil. And various theories have been put forth as to how and why and what and all that.
Rank Amateur

But the one thing that the paranoid, short-sighted, small timers invariably note is that Iran just wants to warn us, makes us scared, deter from interfering further in the region. And also its a message, basically that it is ready, willing, and able to create havoc on American soil.

Yeah, right. As if they were dealing with a rational people.

It's what they call the Crazy Man Strategy. Act all ape shit, and they'll be all "hey man you don't want to mess with that crazy person. They're cr-rrazy!"

The problem with the Crazy Man Strategy is you got to do more than just talk the talk, or even walk the walk. You gotta demonstrate. You got to bite off noses. Burn houses with people in them. Bomb 'em back to stones. You got make it clear, absolutely clear, that you are ready to do whatever it takes to be sure that everyone, and I mean everyone, knows that you are over-the-bend, batshit, bugfuck, don't give a shit about anything or anyone at anytime anywhere completely fucking apeshit insane.

And we Americans got that act down pat. Professional.

Come on now. Iran gets a nuke? So fucking what? What are they gonna do? Put it in a cargo container, and waste LA? Chicago? Washington?

And they think what would happen?

Face it. Krushchev tried the crazy act. Bang his shoe on the podium at the UN. Nothing. We would burn the fucking world down for a few pitiful tactical nukes in Cuba.

I mean, we know how to nuke people. We're good at it. We have no compunctions about it. No hesitation. Not a second of sleep. Not a tear, not even a crocodile tear.

That little bug smear on the windshield? That was Tehran. Want to play the bonus round? Try for Isfahan?

You got nothing.

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