Friday, May 20, 2011

"The Reception Committee"

"The Reception Committee" 2011 Bronze Approx. 14" x 4" x 3"
I've messed with these figures off and on for over two years. By that I mean, I've molded them for hours, and then set them aside for months. Not quite happy with them, I figure time would show me what to do. But that never happened. I finally came up wit a solution and cast the dang  things in bronze. I'm generally pleased with the result, but two years is a disappointingly long time to put into something and then only be generally pleased. Not enthusiastic, just pleased. And there are many particulars about the pieces that I'm completely displeased with. I won't go into it.

Sometimes you force the material to your will, and you win, but seeing as reality is plastic, it will always find a way to deform outside your will so that you are not entirely satisfied. Or at least, that's what I notice.

Some particulars of the piece I am pleased with, going beyond the generalized satisfaction. With the particular postures and gestures of the figures, what I once considered the awkwardness of rendering (they are a bit stiff and not quite proportional), I now consider helpful in that they reinforce the overall awkwardness and peculiarities of the piece. I've never been one to worry overmuch about anatomical fidelity. I've always been willing to sacrifice that if it supports emotional transport. And emotional transport is necessary to convey a concept (if one exists). So, eh. Whatever.

"The Reception Committee"
The figures are not quite done. The hollow forms have been welded together and the weld seams cleaned up, but there is still detail work to do. I'm fortunate in that the next two weeks will be kind of an Antarctic retreat. The college is closed before the summer semester starts. For some reason, my phone calls and emails seem to trickle down to nothing, and any outgoing messages on my part are rarely answered. Not quite sure why this happens this time of year. And, at the end of the two weeks, I'll be desperate for human companionship - chattering at anyone unfortunate to cross my path.

In the meantime, it's cleaning up these figures. Chasing. Rough surfaces to smoothen. Filing and sanding. An appropriate patina must be put on. And then they'll be done, and I'll be in a strange place of having nothing to do, and no projects planned.

This is the longest dry spell I've ever had. Going on three years. No new ideas. Just rehashing old stuff.

If I didn't keep busy, I'd be worried.

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