Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Well, Set My Brain On Fire

I've said something close to this, but never said this in so many words, and so I'll say it again. And I'll keep saying it. I'll keep hammering on this until the metaphorical nail is firmly ensconced in your skull.

Of all the art forms, pound for pound, music is the best.

Steven Pinker called music "auditory cheesecake", basically implying that it's nice and all, but not necessary for survival. Pinker can kiss my exquisitely sculpted manly butt cheeks.

I have in the past suggested that music and rhythm do have a basis in survival, both as a social bond, and (my own hypothesis) as an aid to running. My idea being 1) we are running apes, 2) that a runner that can keep time uses his/her body more efficiently (time/motion studies bear this out), and 3) a runner that can sing while running is in better shape than one that cannot, and therefore is more fit and attractive to the opposite sex and fits in well with Darwinian selection and all that shit that Pinker blathers on about. 

It also helps to be a good dancer.

Well, we all know that music can evoke emotions - pound for pound - better than anything else. Now, studies suggest that it goes much, much deeper. Image scans indicate that a brain on music is a brain on fire. No other activity makes it light up than listening, or performing music.

And if I had any say in the matter, I'd push for more music in education.

Cha cha cha!