Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I've given up on a certain blog that I have read for perhaps the past six months.

I do not name it to protect the innocent, but to avoid adding traffic to it when the spiderbots come crawlin' to pull references. I call it a blog (in my mind a disparaging term, akin to "bad TV show") because, after getting twinges of regret for some time, I've come to the conclusion that it is vicious and mindless entertainment posing as leftist political commentary.

Why did I give up on it? Well, it didn't happen all at once, but the final straw was they were making fun of rednecks.

Wh-at? Making fun of...? SO?

I know! I know! I mean, who cares, right? It's like making fun of bad tattoos, or worse haircuts. But the fact of the matter is those are choices, whereas being a redneck is more situational, more blameless nurture than bad fashion statements.

I love, well, I don't love, I enjoy making fun of the great unwashed, as did many of America's best humorists. Mark Twain did an excellent job for one. But here's the thing, Twain may have poked fun, but underneath the humorous insult was a clear and abiding identification of, and affection for, the basic humanity of the redneck.

Whereas the place I gave up on, the supposedly liberal poster, and his sycophantic coterie of buttlickers, are just downright nasty. Humorless humor. Non-egalitarian. Pitiless snobs. Snobs convinced of their own superiority. In other words, the very stereotype of liberal butt-head that conservatives think, well, that liberals are. Smug superior snobs, unwilling to rub elbows with the great unwashed, more than ready to suggest that they bathe, and do many other things to make themselves presentable to "polite" society. In other words, British colonial officials talking about the savages they live amongst. I realized that I didn't like these people at all!

It reminds me of when I first ventured onto the internet message boards, before most of them died a well-deserved death, and I came across a forum of the Skeptic magazine. At first, reading the threads and discussions, I decided that these seemed like likable and intelligent people. Well, middlebrow intelligent, no real brilliance or genius level types there. And then after a bit, I realized that the prodding and poking of "believers" is not quite all in fun. I realized that these people are snobs! I realized that these snobs with undeserved and unrealistic (and therefore unhealthy) self-images of intellecutal superiority, merely because they didn't beleive any of the silly things that others did. And by this method, came to think they really were genius level types, when their prose, and arguments proved they weren't. You know, exactly like that douchebag, Richard Dawkins - mindlessly, inflexibly, nastily, caustically, ignorantly intolerant.

Exactly like the so-called liberals that I recently got fed up with on the blog I will not mention.

I'll hang with the liberal who will poke fun of people, but if they see that feelings have been hurt, is ready to lie and say "Oh, we didn't mean it. We're sorry!". You know, the ones that have to live in society, with other people. Not the sociopathic neo-imperialist fucking humorless commie pinko so-far-to-the-left-they-are-far-far-right "liberals". Fuck them!

I'm all for that!