Thursday, July 15, 2010

This Shit Practically Writes Itself

I received an email from my brother: "...A lyric buried deep in the recordings from our most recent session…“She’s just a filthy little angel.

For those of you not keeping up with current events, my friends and I have embarked on our version of a Mid-Life Crisis and formed a garage band, but with expensive electronic toys and sound recording equipment. Thus, some truly shitty music is digitally recorded for posterity.

We quickly decided upon stage names for ourselves, to which I made the observation "So what's next? Are we going to build a fucking tree fort?"

As a early morning joke, the drummer made the announcement "Ladies and Gentlemen! The Cocksuckers!" (drumroll cymbal splash) The name, unfortunately, has stuck, although I would prefer the more formal "The Motherfucking Cocksuckers" - a reversal on the old "Aristocrats" joke.  

In any case, once I received the email, I wrote up some lyrics in about five minutes. As I say, shit practically wrote itself, and is appropriately in the gutter and completely juvenile. And, uh, the subject of the song is Japanese so that I could use the word "bukkake", which I like the sound of:

She got what look like a kabuki doll face

She got a slim little body that you want to embrace.

She always dressin' up in latex and lace.

She surely from heaven, but she fallen from grace.



She my filthy little angel


just a filthy little angel


just a filthy little angel

filthy little angel


She the cream of the riding crop - atomic flotilla

She like a dirty little thought in the mind of Godzilla

She do a disappearing rope trick - no plain vanilla

And she got a fist grip like a mountain gorilla



She make me want to build my own private hell

I'll be the demon under her spell

And she would receive a private bukkake

'long as I stay humble and don't get too cocky

 I'm told I need two lines for a bridge. Why do I have to do all the work?

I'll leave the rest to those Motherfucking Cocksuckers.

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