Tuesday, March 16, 2010

RIP, WSJ. Murdoch, you suck.

This past weekend, working for the figurative sculptor, I needed some packing materials to wrap up a piece of his for an upcoming show. I grabbed a 2006 copy of the Wall Street Journal. I spent a good ten minutes browsing the section. Reading the news was like a traveling in a time machine, and throughout the browsing, I'd make exclamations like "Oh! Wachovia! Don't do it! Watch out Lehman Bros!, Oh shit! Bad move!"

The articles, by the way, were consistently lucid, cogent, perceptive, clear, insightful, and truly objective. 

And if I look at today's paper? What's the big headline? "Tiger Woods to return to Masters". Anything about the Senate version of the finance reform bill? You know, some type of legislation to prevent a half quadrillion (!) shit-storm of bad derivatives from inundating our economy? Well, there's a poorly written, almost-Fox-News dumbed down smarmy little blurb about how Dodd's proposal (paraphrased) "will be bad for business".

Congratulations, Rupert Murdoch. You have officially (officially because I am proclaiming it) turned the Wall Street Journal into a Shit Rag, and your ass marks are all over it.

And the subscriber comment's? Wow. If I ever need to know what the dumbasses of the world think about a topic, that's the first place I'll check. 

I've given up on it. I'm switching permanently to Financial Times.

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  1. Rupert Murdoch is a douchebag. My late husband worked for TV Guide Magazine--til Murdoch bought it and proceeded to piss on all of the folks who had been there for 30 years putting out one of the most successful publications ever. Now it's THE STAR with tv listings. [he thought the mag was "too cerebral."]