Monday, March 22, 2010

Name Calling

I have found - rather to my astonishment - that I was severely pissed off to no end at the Teabaggers who harassed the congressmen this past Friday - calling them "n*gger" and "f*ggot".

Had I been a member of the crowd, I have no doubt, standing next to the people hurling these insults, that I would have said something like "Shut the fuck up, you stupid assholes".

But very slowly so that they could understand me.

I would have done so only because the hurling of such insults would hurt the cause and make the crowd look like a bunch of ignorant unwashed hilljack dipshits.

Not that I haven't used these words myself. I have, quite freely, quite frequently, sometimes under my breath, usually in traffic, and invariably under severe provocation. The provocation doesn't excuse the usage, but it was, you know, reflexive. I'm not proud of the usage, but I admit to it.

But at least I admit to it, and don't act like some cowardly skulking little fag- er, uh, weasel-dick rat-fuck who won't admit to... oh wait a minute, he admitted to it.

Ladies and gentleman of the 19th district of the great state of Texas, how does it feel to be represented by a dumbass?

Randy Neugebauer - dumbass.

And a bad liar who seems capable of only coming up with lame excuses.

Move over Joe Wilson. There's a new dumbass in town. And his name is Randy.

You know, I've felt that Randy is never a good name. It sounds kind of evil. Like that evil little wooden puppet boy on the Peewee Herman Show was named Randy.

That's the way I'll think of Neugebauer from now on.


  1. Texas has really been showing the nation just how stupid and back-assward it can be lately (and I can say that because I am a Texan). the constant battle against keeping Genesis out of the science books and now their intent to re-write the history of the constitution to make this an intended christian nation by the founding fathers (no such thing as separation of church and state) wasn't enough. Now we have this latest moronic jackass.

    And what's with republicans anyway? they're response to the health care reform bill passing (without a single republican vote) is to call names, be rude and abusive (baby killer?), hateful even...spitting on another lawmaker. They ramrodded everything they wanted for the past 10 years and Democrats never responded as they have this year. this is the crudest bunch of repubs. Anyone who calls themselves republican should be ashamed. Obviously, they can dish it out but they can't take it. talk about bad sports.

  2. I notice crybaby John McCain has stated he's not gonna play anymore this year. He's taking his toys and running home to momma. What's new? They've been hiding in their little cardboard box fort all year, chanting insults.

    Shit, an adult at least shows up for work and goes through the motions, not these infantile morons. There was a time when being a Republican was something to be proud of. Not anymore.

    Hey, just on a hunch, I googled to see how much of a socialist hypocrite Randy is. Turns out he's a major fucking welfare queen. The 19th district gets a HUGE amount of USDA subsidies. Or rather, Radny's puppetmasters do (10% of the farmers receiving 74% from the Federal Teat).

  3. Someone mentioned a while back that perhaps the Republicans had run John McCain again Mr. Obama realizing he would lose...that way the Republicans would not have to be blamed for trying to fix the mess that they had made in the past 8 years...Your thoughts on that?

  4. That might just be worth a jouranl entry... as parody. No. No. I can't see a collectively malignant narcissistic personality type giving up any share of power at all, no matter how bad things get. Blame, however, that's a different matter.