Monday, February 8, 2010

Two Odd Sensory Things

Not much time for a journal entry today. Two weird items come to mind. 

Have you noticed how food combinations, or taste or smell combinations work out so well, or don't? 

Chicken and broccoli, or pork and corn, are obvious combinations. They go well together. I believe there is a scene in the movie Ratatouille, where a rat turns out to be a great chef, where they discuss this combination of tastes.

 I like the taste of Wrigley's Winterfresh. The vending machine in the hall by the studio ran out, so I got Spearmint, a sturdy and reliable companion gum. Later, Winterfresh was back. I happened to be chewing a piece of Spearmint when I bought a pack, and popped a stick of  Winterfresh in my mouth and the taste combination was... not good. 

It tasted like the way a urinal cake smells. Not good at all.

The second thing is I experienced synesthesia. That's where your sense get mixed up. Like you see or feel music, or numbers and letters can be certain colors? 

Well, I'm sitting at lunch today, and the person across the table from me has some orange jello. I am just kind of thinking about nothing, just staring at the orange jello, mind a complete blank, and I take a sip of my chocolate milk. Well, it tastes like orange juice.

I spit the mouthful of chocolate milk out, you know, the classic spray, and pretty much ruining the lunch experience of the person across from me. 

I apologized and explained what happened, but got nowhere with the explanation, or the apology.

And those are my two weird things today.

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