Thursday, September 11, 2014

Back to Wax Working

I've a commission to make five molds for a sculptor who works primarily in clay. He handed over his ceramic pieces for me to mold in silicon rubber with plaster mother molds. If he is happy, I'll makes waxes from the molds and cast them for him, and then cast bronzes for the wax.

The deadline is end of October because these pieces will end up in Sofa Chicago (Sculptural Objects and Functional Art).

In my spare time, I'm back to making waxes which I plan to throw into the mix of casting his pieces. So far, just doodles, really.

Making this one made me stupid happy like a twelve-year-old. I call it "Space Tick Waffle Saucer".

I also made three small bronze machinerettes for my brother for this birthday...


  1. He told me "They are going on to my desk at work, and NOBODY gets to play with them". He's a grumpy old man!