Monday, February 28, 2011

Death to Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf will soon be no more
This past Saturday I got to dress up as a Lithuanian gangster. Or the President of Latvia. Not quite sure.

I attended our college's educational foundation art auction.  I was allowed to attend as I donated a piece. Here it is:

"Informal Relations" copyright 2004 by John Kurman

There were about 20-30 pieces donated by students, faculty, and artists. I'm told that a good deal is get 50 cents on the dollar of the asking price is not too shabby. Mine was valued at $300 and sold for $160. Nto to put a sour note on it, but that works out, by my calculations, labor and materials to about $4.69/hour for the piece, had I received the monies. Brilliant fucking career move, Johnny.

Ah, but I did have a fun time at the auction. All of my children (my student aides) were there as volunteer art handlers/docents/auction spotters.

Here are some pictures:
Me and my student aide Vicki 
Mark, Caitlyn, Me
Art Handler Gang Signs!
Me, Sculptor Mike Brown
Urszula, about to suit up to handle the art

Caitlyn gets a reward for good behavior

3/1/11 Addendum to e abbott. Yes, the beard is disappearing...
Death to Papa Smurf


  1. So, you're shaving off your beard?

  2. It's Meteorological Spring, so yeah.

  3. No No Not Papa Smurf!!!

    Like Vicki's necklace...

  4. Who'd have known 2012 was your peak, Johnny. Now you in old fat dumb slow and in pain land. 2032 tops for you!