Tuesday, June 8, 2010

QR Codes

If I've done this right, you should see a peculiar looking graphic that you may have seen on packages or boxes or cartons. It is called Quick Response Code, or QR Code for short. It is a code originally designed in Japan to track packages. The goofy black and white patches are a 2-D equivalent of a bar code. A computer can read the code and determine the contents and or location/destination of a package.

Well, now QR codes have taken on a new functionality. If you have a smart phone (I don't), you can download an application which will read QR codes. And since QR codes can encode URL information or text, the code can be used to point to destinations on the internet. In fact, that is what they are being used for now, especially by google.

Well, that's fine. I've got to wonder, when will an evil hacker use this stuff. Set up a code to direct your phone to a website that will upload some malicious software. I'm sure it has already happened, since I just now thought of it.

But the code I set up. Don't worry. If I've done this right, it just points you to this particular electronic journal entry.  

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