Friday, December 15, 2023

My name is John and I am 66 and a half

Silverback! Starting for me about 60? Six and a half years later, I'm less muscular, getting skinny arms and a fat belly unless I pick up the pace. My goal (and despite my medical problems) is that I am leaner and fitter so I can work when I am old.  Exercises are geared more towards balance and Turkish get ups, etc. along with resistence training. At least walk every day. Cancer free.

So, why fit enough to work? Why not just fit enough to be old? Independence for as long as possible, before the enfeeblement and second infancy.  

The family history is strokes and heart attacks in the mid 60s, perfect for the Social Security Administration plan. Modern medicine is changing that and we Kurmans are heading into uncharted territory, death-wise. 

Speaking of Social Security, I will be on SS at 67, for optimal payout. and hurray to yesterday Johnny for earning through labor and occasional ingenuity, the promise of such that we call "money".


  1. definitely do what you can to stay fit and even that sometimes isn't enough. yeah, mid 60s, losing strength. I noticed it too even though I still did everything I had been doing. stroke is the big one in my family though it doesn't hit til the 70s as my sister just found out. massive stroke early one morning and she was gone. has me a little freaked out since we thought we would live into our 90s.

    1. Once again my condolences on your sister. You'll probably make it to mid 90s although that might not be a good thing. My mom was hale and hearty until about 88 or so and then began the descent. I could tell she wanted to check out when she turned 90.