Monday, August 16, 2021

The Great American Pants Shitting

It's the one thing we are really good at. Afghanistan, currently. Ultimately, the failed state of the USA.

I find it amazing just how many elephants we can cram into one living room, and we are just not going to address it. We can't blame our blunders on youthful exuberance and head strong puberty waves. The US of A is older than the Ming Dynasty and twice as corrupt. At the top I mean. The stink of late 1970's Soviet Russia, sclerotic old men and their trust fund KGB kiddies waiting in the wings.

In order to ask, if you want to rend clothing, what went wrong?  Afghanistan doesn't start with Clinton or Carter (although it does, Reagan was Carter Lite, and Bush/Cheney had a Clinton researched and marketed world to conquer, once the juggernaut of policy is moving we get into Obama's clusterfuck, And Trump Caves and Big Joe figures he can move on, but because of political appointees, the dismantlement and privatizing, we, which is to say, you can no longer Have Nice Things

No dearie dears, the full story we gotta go back 40,000 years. And that story is called Something Went Wrong.

There's this guy who has been breeding e coli to check out evolution. The bacteria live on sugar, but he noticed one flask with an explosion of critters. He found out they had adapted to eat citrate. This Citrate Event is now recognized everywhere and it happened to us 40,000 years ago.

Looking at it from a fitness landscape, a pig flew to the mountain. How often do pigs fly?

WHAT HAPPENED??? My theory is we were partying and we got busted. Wedding planning from then until now. What's to be done? Fire the party poopers? 

Yes, when they fired the party poopers, I didn't care because I was a pants shitter.

Other things.

The Beverly Killbillies

The movie treatment suggests a TV series, so morph with Hotel California, and have guest stars that never leave. Granny's Pot. 

Everyone is Beverly Hills is a Satan worshipping cannibal pedophile or any phile pervert, including Mr. Drysedale. He pleads for certain people not to be eaten, for a return roles or surprise guests, otherwise he and his wife often sit down for vittles with the Clampetts.Surprise guest like Vincent Price no way anyone eats him. Did I mention they try to eat each other? They hire assistants that fight them to keep them from eating each other. Crank the aggression dial. Vincent Price comedy gold. He would be on until CBS cancelled it.

More 3D and VR apps, this one sculpts a head shot. I can take anyone and make them anything, anywhere.

It me

Against a Speedo Gorn

Kurman vs. Speedo Gorn

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