Friday, April 3, 2020

Old Pumpkin Man chooses Haunted Wax Boy to Run the Cull

Deer in the headlights
So, how you plaguing? I'm plaguing OK.

I am day 17 of quarantine. I show no symptoms, other than hypochondrial anxiety compounded with my usual abnormal wiring.

I have wasted time on a wonderful VR puppet program called Tvori. I have made animated shorts.

In terms of effort and time, you don't save effort and time that you would if you usedf more traditional filming. I used to do stop motion clay or cell drawings (flip drawings). The interface is much more democratic than the more intimidating /Hollywood style CGI programs.

Anyway, I got months, not weeks, months to waste time on this I guess.


  1. life is pretty much normal here as we are basically anti-social to begin with. both healthy as far as we know. I ought to start doing some art work but mostly been working outside.