Saturday, February 8, 2020

Is Trump a C.H.U.D?

By the mummified foreskin of the sweet baby Jesus, it is getting to be way too easy to poke fun at this motherfucker. I'm starting to think that this is The Simpson's Matt Groening's universe and we just live in it.

So, is Trump the Anti-Joker? Was he born with clown makeup and needs a bilirubin base to hide it? Was he born into a luxurious soft easy life and become a psychopath as a result? Is he actually, like Roy Cohn, secretly desirous of being a woman and now doesn't care who knows it? Have we ever seen him and his sister together? 

Is Trump of the Mole People?
Someone get this poor albino mutant a melanin injection STAT!
Was Eric Trump born without eyes? Do they have to paint eyes on him each morning to face the day?

John Quincy Adams believed there were Mole People. He wanted to send a military expedition into the bowels of the Earth to find their subterranean realm.

Maybe he did. Maybe we fought. Maybe we lost.

You would think the Melanoids would win, seeing as we now know that melanin is an energy absorbing molecule like chlorophyll and albino mutants are weak.


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    1. Nice to see you back on the intertubes Craig.

      Not to sound like a atheist aspiritus dick but blessings to you & yours.

    2. Ditto John. Extenuating circumstances made it necessary to pipe down for a minute.


    Melanized pigments are an ancient molecule that go back to RNA world, some 500 million years after life began. This was back when the Sun was still part of the globular cluster where first formed, and ionizing radiation from the neighborhood cluster stars was many times higher than today on Earth.