Thursday, May 24, 2018

Spring 2018 Bronzes


I've some new bronzes up I completed from end of April or so. They are all 1/12th scale which seems to be the default now.

I am making molds for new waxes, perhaps up to 1/6th scale. Toys R Us is going out of business with 40-60% off. I hit them up to see what's come out of the warehouse in terms of actions figures.

(I'm also working on a 3D print file. I have a figure I took images of but all the free software that used to be around is gone. I cannot generate a mesh for free online anymore. So, I'm investigating what open source stuff will run on my 15 year old laptop. Answer, nothing so far. Dropped the ball on this photogrammetry/CAD stuff two years ago, and now it looks like I will have to pay a service).

Okay, the bronzes.
Blown Away
This is either a study in stubbornness or a tribute to poor planning.

Babies Got Back
 This was just kind of playing around with scale and found objects (milk seed pods, plastic stuff)

Merry Christmas Pottersville
 This one was done back in 2017. I submitted it for a biennial art show I've gotten into since 2010 and it was rejected! Son of a-

Merry Christmas Pottersville!
Merry Christmas flophouse!
Merry Christmas dive bar!
Merry Christmas payday loans!

Mycosis Mytosis My Sister With The Mostest
 Again, kind of playing around with stuff I developed last year. You know, exploitation of explorations. The "bodies" were actually these horrible plaster molds for ice cream cones. I poured wax in and then mangled the ice cream toppings. Gonna do more of these I think.

Ooh La La
 This one sold for $425. In a private collection now.

Saint Wumpus
The mate to this one didn't make it. Froze out and not salvageable. The bronze couple are set up so that they usually do not stand on their own but require their partner to balance each upright. I would  set the waxes on the kitchen counter overnight and let the freight trains that are on the tracks 100 feet away knock 'em over. If they survived a few nights, they were good to cast.

 Really not much to say about this one. Sausage.

Luckiest Brothers in the Universe
These pieces were done beginning of 2017 but just sat around separately until one night I placed them together and said OK.

So, there you go. There was a small number this time. I've lost access to a studio and am now just working on the waxes in my kitchen and investing and casting them where I can. Kind of a nomad situation where I trade casting for skills/assistance.

That's it.

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