Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We Are So Fired

One thousand years from now, history will record - in Mandarin - that a minor temporal power elected Ronald McDonald as its leader. The only remaining piece of data to confirm that the orange haired clown existed power was a gif.

Seriously, I really don't give a crap if #Crunt is president. I understand how the average butthole would think that real change would happen under him. It won't, but I get what they want to see happening. Anyone who thinks this is a triumph of the common man, and that #Crunt isn't a puppet of the Deep State and the Corporate Collective should move to California where they can smoke all the dope they want.

Between him and Hillary, it was a choice of a shit sandwich with mustard or mayo. But with ALL THREE branches of government in the hands of these shivering little bunnies, dropping pellets of stupidity and fear, these fucking tards that cannot see beyond the ends of their short little dicks, is something that is going to be very very interesting to witness. If my livelihood were less affected, I'd even be amused.

But, bottom line, what we have to signaled to the world is:

America cannot handle the 21st century. 

We are gonna run and hide in the 1950s.


  1. One possible.scenario. The Omen. Have you seen the kid Trump supposedly wired with Melania? Talk about The Omen. If Ann Coulter shouts "It's all for you Damien!" and hangs herself from the White House balcony, then you'll know.

    1. priceless comedy gold..., Mark Cuban, the thin smoking rohrschachian, and the entire elite establishment with its busted and can't be trusted standard-bearing avatar Granny Goodness - just got DESTROYED by #Crunt - and all you've got is that "it's a deep state corporate collective conspiracy"?!?!?!?!

      C'mon man, stop playing.

      If Trump does nothing more than to fundamentally reset American relations with Russia, and I mean FUNDAMENTALLY - then this has been an epic victory for the common men residing in the two most capacious, resource rich, and sparsely populated expanses of the world.

      That's a pair of killer-ape tribes who have no business fighting one another, ever, no never, for any reason - and every reason to gird themselves up for what's just beyond that signpost up ahead with the far more populous killer-ape coalitions.

      Everything else is frivolous emotional conversation...,

    2. Relax, guy. Your tard won. So, the people of the United States have signaled to the world they aren't up to the task of running the world. They thought they were voting for change, but instead they voted for a Leave It To Beaver fanstasy, which signals they've given up. The blood is in the water and the sharks are circling Uncle Sam.
      1) Russia has been humiliated by US for 55 years. They hate us. They will cooperate out of fear, but if they find an opening, they will fuck us so hard.
      2) Putin, unlike Trump, knows how to kill.
      3) Putin, witness to Soviet collapse, knows not only how fast it can happen, but can see the hopelessness and apathy that engendered it in the American psyche.
      4) Trump, an (as you put it) "A#1 ass-clown" is not up to the task, far too fragile and mercurial to commit to do anything other than finally go down in the bunker, take the black pill, and put the luger in his mouth. Maybe he will hand the job over to Pence, who wants Jesus to come back, and will do what he can to hasten it.
      5) If you seriously think Trump is Scot Free (and I've wondered if you take that retarded DC magazine mythology seriously) and Clinton is Granny Goodness, then you are suffering from a form of Clinton derangement syndrome.
      6) The riches of Siberia will be the death of us all. (See 12C global wamring by 2060).
      7) Best to you and yours. You are going to need it.

    3. Scot Free has always been a reference to the vanishingly rare privilege Trump has demonstrated of saying whatever he wanted without fear of "consequences". (Granny Goodness is merely a happy coincidence.)

      That said, I realized Trump would win the minute I recognized his he refusal to conduct himself like a neutered academic. It's really no more complicated than that.

      As for the rest, I find the reductive diminution of Trump a priori preposterous. Anyone who has accomplished in business and status-seeking what he has accomplished - is non-trivial. One leveraging those accomplishments into a single-handed takedown of the American elite establishment, and its two-party, one-ideology puppet ahow - is nothing less than a genius.

      People ignorantly put too much stock by Putin's KGB hagiography. He's been selling it so long, a lot of chumps have been convinced to buy it. Putin is no special killer, rather, he's a special politician who cut his eyeteeth as a mayoral aid, and went on from there to shrewdly ply the rules of ruling.

      People are so gullible when it comes to Big Man mythologizing...,

    4. I've obviously not done a.good.job express my concerns. I will try again later.

  2. cause setting fire to the house instead of just giving it a good cleaning is always a good idea. so now they have a republican president and a republican congress. who are they going to blame when Trump turns out not to give a rat's ass about the after all?

    1. Americans have signaled they can't handle reality. They want to hide in a past fantasy. We've seen this before. Carter asked us to act like adults. Reagan told us to go out and play. And here we are.