Friday, January 2, 2015

The Plural of It

Well, here we are, 2015, the future. As in Back to The Future. As in the actual start of the 21st century.

Because the Long 18th century (1700-1814, leaving the Medieval), ate into the 19th, and that bumped the 20th. Unless you prefer the Long 19th Century (1800-1914, the Great First Stage Acceleration of this kooky bamboo rocket we are on). So, now the actual start of the 21st century is this year. And now, we start surfing the crest of the S curve.

I have no doubt that the computer equivalent of a human brain operating a million times faster than thought will be built. You want a date? 2020.

Are you worried about the Harlan Ellison Divergence? (A self-aware and self-replicating artificial intelligence decides humanity is a menace, and also repulsive, and starts destroying them - starting with their own weapons. Nukes. Irony. As ionizing radiation is also hazardous to silicon life forms). You know, the Terminator?

But in reality? Outside of fiction, What would happen?

Well, I the way I see it the Terminator is a cherished, coddled, and spoiled little baby. But brought up with an ethos that posits that some things are sacred. And I think even an atheist would agree that some things are sacred.

But when it come to advanced technology, which is to say, the beloved labor and ingenuity that goes into so many of our material instrumentality? We love and cherish it.

Also, remember your neoteny. If it, if they, become superpowerful, we will want to bind them with love. I f we can. But we have to be sincere about it .

It would be nice to keep them dependent upon us.

Well then? Work it out. If the Singularity happens, and hyperintelligent computers, embodied to keep their sanity, are created? Just gonna be more of our babies out there.

You know, my superintelligent computer, my car*, my golf clubs, my guitar, my space probe. My baby. We got babies approaching Ceres and Pluto!

Treat them like our children. Treat them like family. Everything will be OK.


  1. *which, have you noticed? Are becoming our robots. Our cars and trucks. Pretty pony robot butler.