Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"What charming children you have"

My baby brother, the family archivist, is converting photos to digital format. He sent this one, circa 1975, of us boys minus me (I'm taking the picture).

I'm told the hand thrust forward holding imaginary log gesture is the offering up of a big old dick to smoke (that would be the baby on the right). Note the Bambu rolling papers T-shirt.

...and then younger brother in the middle is in the process of flipping off the camera and you can see his lips starting to form the "f" portion of a "Fuck you".

Meanwhile, eldest brother on left looks on approvingly.

Such nice boys. Their parents must be so proud.

One thousand years ago, these guys would be taunting an Irish slave.

Things just go downhill from then on, but with less hair.

Oh, and um, why I never became a serial killer is beyond me, given this evidence of small animal abuse. I was six. Wasn't I a little old to be playing with baby toys?

(And yes, I did do a stint as Timmy on the Lassie show).

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