Friday, February 15, 2013


Someone once told me all the elements in your dreams are parts of you, and really only about you.

Uh, duh.

Dreams how we deal with what's going on, so of course it's all about me.

I'm pretty good at remembering my dreams, and I also know that, in general, it's not good form to relate your dreams as they usually boring to other people (because it's not about them). In any case, I am good at remembering dreams. Not just the one you wake up with, but the whole night. So, here's last night's series of dreams.

The first one was a depressing dream where due to work necessities, I had to move to Northeast Misery. It was very sad to say goodbye to everyone. But I remember rationalizing that I could head back home on a weekend every month or so, it wouldn't be that bad of a drive, and lots of people have even more disconnected relationships involving greater distances. When I woke up, I looked what the heck is in Northeast Misery and the answer is nothing. No thing. Clark County. The closest city is Keokuk, Iowa. No fucking way I am moving there. So, fuck you, Dreamtime Reality.  

The second one may have had a prescient element, although I don't really by into any psychic shit. But here's my theory, based upon observation. You know deja vu? The feeling you've done something or been somewhere before? Well, my theory it is the completion of a cycle in time. I've had moments of deja vu that I can hook up via memory to past moments and future ones. I'll have that feeling, and then there have been times when I realize it's a full circle moment, because I will remember the deja vu moment in the past that corresponds with the one I'm experiencing. It's just a theory, even a convenient fiction, but when I have one of the moments now, and I can't remember a corresponding past moment, then I'm reassured to know I'll survive through to that future deja vu experience. So, now, what's that say when you have a deja vu moment in your dreams? Better still, what's that say when (in the dream) I experience a distracting series of very bright microflashes up in the sky, as if someone were flashing a mirror at you? And then to have someone ask me "What's going on with Russia, dude?"And then, to wake up, and see on the news the meteor over Chelyabinsk, a 300 kiloton explosion. Coincidence? Sure, why not. But why the deja vu feeling? Dunno. Guess we'll see.

The third one involved a very cute, petite little brunette with deep brown eyes and raven black hair. I don't need to go any further do I? I've always been attracted to small put-together brunettes (it's not just me, my brother has this huge thing for Marisa Tomei and Betty Rubble), and I figured it must be our next-door neighbors when we were little, all the children in the family girls, and all of them very cute small put-together brunettes that I must have imprinted upon as the ideal mate.

Then one must explain why I've dated almost all blondes, and mostly tall skinny blondes at that. Well, I think the answer was the childhood neighbor girls (besides being pretty) were very nice, very polite, very considerate, very sweet, cheerful girls. Just wonderful children. And, I'm told, now all wonderful adults.

So, the brunette archetype was just a red herring wasn't it? Or rather, a fortunate association.


  1. Seems to me that universal dream "themes", archetypes, and interesting temporal functions fall under the heading transpersonal.

    Have you ever had conversations with the deceased dreams? To me, these are the most extraordinary and intense dreams and though clearly deeply personal, I believe they fall under the transpersonal rubric.

    As for Betty baby, what's up with her and Fred having eyes and Wilma and Barney having buttons instead of eyes? Sum'n not quite right about that...,

    1. Perhaps different species, although, according to TV tropes, if black bead eye people are shocked or surprised, the white sclera appears. Clearly, since a white sclera was preferentially selected for to delineate intent, your average cartoony eyed person simply cannot be trusted.