Friday, December 21, 2012

Matters More Mundane

I've made more Mechanicules:

I may modify these. I am prone to getting too intricate, when, really, these things work best when best kept simple. (For evidence of such, I cite the bottom left three-balled mustache-thing was the first I produced on Monday, and the top right was the one I made today). They're heading in the direction of spaceships, which I guess I can't avoid the association, so....

I also cast a mechanicule in glass:

 Which corresponds to this guy:

And the other mechanicules are in a case in a hall outside the sculpture lab at the college:

So, now I'm doing the really boring stuff of working through the cost/revenue worksheets to put together a project for Kickstarter, and my original plan of "Give me some money so I can buy material to make cool shit", is still in place, just a bit more organized, and uh, the message slightly more sophisticated. I suppose one of the rewards will have to be shipping out these guys. That makes me sad, post partum and all that.

I am considering using Shapeways to 3D-print some tiny mechanicule jewelry pieces as some of the rewards. I sure as hell can't cast hundreds of these things. Dozens, maybe..., but, not sure how this all will come together yet.

More, if interested.

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