Sunday, August 16, 2009


I'm thinking about Neanderthals. Those big guys that lived on the ice. Frost Giants. Titans. All those old Norse myths may be about our (Homo Sapiens) dealings with Neanderthals. What's the deal? From what the evidence tells us, they were bigger, stronger...smarter. They had bigger brains than we do. And aren't we, in comparson, the Little People to them? So did we use magical deliciousness against them? Why are they gone if they so smart?

Was it because they were slow? And we were quick? Or did we just eat the ground out from under them, once all the big game was gone? Did we have arrows? I don't think so. So we were evenly matched tool-wise, from what I recall. But the Neanderthals are gone. Or are they? Do we carry Neanderthal genes? Some say yes, then others say maybe, and now I don't know. Third Base!

I think Neaderthal genes are with us. I see a lot of people that look like them. But then, I'm mean. But I do. I think we owe some of our big brains to them. Now all we have to do is use them on a regular basis.

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  1. There was a girl in my class in junior high that was a definite throwback to neanderthals and I don't say that out of meanness. she had the heavy brow, broad face, receding chin. She was tormented constantly by the 'pretty' girls. I defended her on more than one occasion much to my social detriment. I'm ashamed to say that when she latched onto me with hope for having a friend, I could not rise to the occasion. she was nice and I pitied her but I couldn't throw myself under that bus, not in junior high.