Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Quae furati sumus omnia quadrata currunt

Here is a curious thing. Amongst the scraps of paper I keep notes on, I found one scrap that had the single name "Lavoy Finicom" on it. Misspelled (Finicum) as I was watching the news with no text reference at the start of the botched Bundy Heist. I wrote the name down because I said to myself, this dumb fucker is gonna get them all killed.

(Yes, the Bundy Heist. It was a failed heist, a robbery gone wrong, due to the soft-headed poor planning of pudgy wobble-headed crackers who relied entirely too much upon faith for success. Couple this with your standard Western motif, and every single wrustler, bandit, and thief that ever stole anything in old West would sneer with contempt at the bumbling incompetence displayed. Americans generally will give practically anyone a second chance, but if there is one thing Americans have a hard time forgiving, it's incompetence).

Now, the fact that I wrote down this name on a scrap of paper with this particular insight isn't a case of amazing psychic ability. I remember I found the name interesting, and reading up on what this guy has said and done, I used plain old logical deduction that here is a guy who would rather face a hail of sharp-pointed bullets than a single lawyer with a single pointed question. He just knew he wouldn't be able to handle the court time and prison time without coming up wanting and looking a dumb yokel. I think there is a certain amount of presumption (we all have it after all, that core of iron in us) in what he did, and I respect as I would any human being, but it still means that he and the rest of the Bundy Gang deserve nothing more than mocking contempt and cruelest ridicule.

I mean, what a fucked-up venture this whole thing was! Not even clever in the least! And I am sure a bunch of dumb fucking jellyheads with the infantile authoritarian delusion of being in the right will make some kind of half-assed hare-brained video to try to color these buffoonish kleptomaniacs as patriotic citizens. And I'll tell you right now that this documentary on the Bundy Heist will be just the most ham-handed god-awful piece of crap propaganda piece that you will never wish to see.

Now, if you want clever? You want smart?

If you a fun and clever heist movie? Go rent Dope. That was a very fun, very smart, very funny heist movie. Not only are the characters attractive and engaging, the dialog smart and sharp, the action and pace spot on, but the protagonist competent, but the kids get away with the heist. They deserve to get away with the heist.

Can't say the same for the Bundy Gang. This, in a country with the sordid history of consistent force and fraud and that it has, a country that should have have as it's motto "We Stole It All Fair And Square".

Every single ruthless founder, grubby-handed city boss, corrupt governor, cock-blocking entrepreneur, cynical robber baron, debauched grandstander, and double-dealing mercenary that this nation of ours has ever produced must be looking up from Hell and shaking their heads in bitter dismay and disappointment at these incompetent fuckups.


  1. right? they really thought the government, whose subsidies they receive for their ranching sustains them, was going to bow down and release all the public lands to these ranchers who want to use it for their own profit and gain? return it to the people it was taken from. you mean the First Nations? and waving their pocket constitutions around. try reading it instead. and Finicum, what an idiot. he must have had a death wish from the get go. he'd rather die than be jailed? then why the fuck are you even there dude? because jail was the only possible end result. and he really thought he was going to outrun the FBI in the snow? we're in it to the end...uh, I need to get home. I'm worried about my finances and family. got to cash my government check.

    1. As I've said, Finicum was the kind of dips hit glory seeker that gets people killed. Let's be glad it was just him.

      The thing that really irritates me was Ammon Bundy ordering the remaining criminal stooges playing at army (they shopped at Cabella's for the really cool paramilitary stuff!), to "Stand down".

      Rrr-i-ight. This fucking rental car fleet manager thinks he's General Patton. Fucking children.

    2. What else irritates and saddens me is these poor stupid mormons put on this stage play while Rumsfeld appears on late nite TV announcing app. Killer ape.