Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The White Horse Prophecy

When the radicalized Mormon terrorist Bundy Gang had taken over a bird sanctuary in eastern Oregon, I checked out the geologic maps of the region.

Is that paranoid? I figured gold was what they were after, or maybe oil or uranium or something, and that would explain the whole criminal enterprise, but no. Deposits of quaternary sediment, fine loess ground by glaciers, and that's about it.

There is gold further north in the lava plains, but nothing special near or around Lake Malheur. I've spent some time in that area. Camping out in the Seven Devils region of the Snake River further north, and driven through Burns on my way from Bend to Boise.

Sage country. High desert. Rolling hills. I drove through there about this time of year, sunlight glistening off ice-rimed sage bush. Pretty. I shot firearms from my vehicle on highway 20, because I got clued in by all the shot-up highway signs, and said what the hell if you can't shoot firearms from your moving vehicle out here, just where the hell can you shoot firearms from a moving vehicle?

Oh. Chicago. Never mind.

Anyway, because I do view the Bundy Gang as sanctimonious yokel amateur parasites*, the inevitable pitiful result of the Cheap Food for Cheap People policy the US of A has pursued lo these past 150 years, reaping obscene profits from public lands at taxpayer expense, I reckoned that was their angle. Just another scam to add to their lifestyle, but no.

I think these people buy into the White Horse Prophecy. Big time. So, not only are they mooching parasites, they are sanctimonious busybodies and buttinskies as well. Wannabe nannies who feel they know better than the rest of us about the perceived nanny state, what with the whole US Constitution hanging by a thread, which it is, but not for the reasons they think.

I don't think so. I don't think these jawless flipperlimbed jellyheads are going to save the US Constitution.

Let's face it. These dumb fuckers are pikers. They don't have the first fucking clue as to the political landscape, otherwise they would not have so drastically miscalculated the public's response to them.

Which so far, seems to be one of disdain, if not outright contempt. If these poor dumb fuckers with their peashooters think they can tactically paint themselves into a corner, and not be scooped up like so many inanimate pebbles at any time, they are even more delusional than your average chump religious fanatic.

I mean, great plan, guys. Isolate and expose yourselves to any and offensive measures, cut off your own supply lines, and have a boneheaded strategy that plans about two minutes into the future, while fantasizing that it's all a solid and good, once the imaginary calvary shows up... pretty soon... anytime now...

Hey, while you yeehawdist peasants are occupying CCC buildings, who is occupying your homesteads? Who been eating your porridge? Who been sitting in your chair? Who been sleeping in your bed?


  1. *It's true, these dumb fuckers can't even hold a candle to Wall St. bankster parasites, who stole trillions, and at least know how to walk away with no prison time.

  2. Bundy managed to shed a lot of Light on the Constitution. Patriots, Veterans, Conservatives, Masons, Rosicrucians and those from other walks of life are finally stepping up. Don't judge lest ye be judged.

    1. I believe, my little closet dictator, miss bossy pants, I will ignore your snide little commandment and I WILL judge these assholes and their perverted version of the Constitution. I find them all seriously fucked in the head. Unlike you, I'm not afraid to be judged.