Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Time to freaka 'bout Zika?

Back when everybody was squirting a stain about Ebola, Zika was quietly spreading from its haunts in Uganda to the New World. And the US looks like a prime target for Zika the way Ebola only wishes it could.

courtesy the Economist.com
Stephen King probably banging his head on his desk he didn't come up with the Zika virus. A virus that mutilates fetuses and turns sufferer's children into pinheads? What a horror story. Almost as good as lead poisoning of children, which is much easier to do.

It has the horrifying aspects of attacking our major attribute as human animals - our big brains - and also throws in perhaps a little ecotopian Gaian revenge for effing up the planet. A nice little measure from Mother Nature to take of a pesky parasite with as little collateral damage as possible - certainly a lot better than a nuclear war.

So, let's trend outward 20 years, and let's say Zika mutates to that it is not just fetuses that get mutilated in their epigenesis, but everyone in their ongoing daily epigenesis gets mutilated. Why then, those areas that have mosquitoes that are the best carriers, Aedes aegypti, have the highest percentage of pinheads. Pinhead Congress. Pinhead White House.

President Pinhead

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  1. And now 2013 Cdc report of two cases of sexually transmitted zika virus. Mama Nature found a new pesticide.