Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sugar of Lead

Now, one way to explain the continued tardation of our culture would be the huge amount of lead in our blood. Wasn't that why Rome fell? Too much lead in the water? That's the folktale. Most say, true, the amount of lead in Roman tap water was 100 times that of the spring water sources, but the levels were still low. On the other hand, you can find a lot of scientists who say even ridiculously low levels of lead in blood are harmful to IQs.

An article on Vox points out, forget Flint, every major city has a lead problem. Think of all the urban gardens in shitholes like Brooklyn (now considered 'cool', if 'cool' is a synonym for shithole), where urban parents feed fresh lead-filled veggies to their children. Concentrated lead-filled veggies from the lead-filled soil, courtesy of automobile exhaust.

This is the result of the "no-knock" leaded gasoline. Don't you think it odd that, some 36 years or so later after they 'got the lead out', gas pumps still say 'unleaded'? Further evidence of cultural tardation?  And all that lead spewed out of tailpipes eventually sank back down to earth, into the soil and water, and then into your little developing baby brain. And mine, which is why I'm tarded too.

(This kind of sounds like, if only Rome hadn't fallen, we'd have had no Dark Ages and we would two hundred years ahead of where we are now. Which, I guess, means WWIII would have taken place in 1834).

Hey, speaking of which, don't you think all that radioactive fallout also tarded us up some? But I distract myself.

The hypothesis is that there is a connection between a drop in crime and the end of the use of leaded gasoline. I know this sounds like some of bullshit freakonomics thing, but it is compelling.

At the very least, don't you think that lead-filled water, or chewing lead paint chips, would go a long way to explain that dumb fucking whore Sarah Palin and her slutty, drunk, stupid kids?

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  1. we are our own demise. too 'smart' for our own good. I'm certain human beings will be one of the earth's grand failures and the shortest lived piece of life it has developed.