Monday, January 11, 2016

Send Them All The Bullets And Gold They Can Eat

As if the Bundy Gang wasn't enough of a joke already, now they find they've painted themselves into a corner, and are requesting more paint.

Ammon Bundy's mommy sent out a request for them to be resupplied. She wants you to send them more free stuff to keep them going through the long hard winter... that apparently they didn't plan very well on living through.
On Saturday, Ammon Bundy's mother, Carol Bundy, sent an email to supporters asking them to send her son's group supplies from a list of more than 80 items, including sleeping bags, wool socks, cigarettes, toiletries, food, coffee and "French Vanilla Creamer."
Can't make this shit up.

...maybe the Bundy Gang should take lessons from REAL men, the Black Panthers that staged an armed protest within the halls of the California state capitol building.


  1. As ranchers and parasites living odd the government and their wives they already get plenty of free stuff from the government that they refuse to recognize the legitimacy of. Now they want free land from the government and all kinds of free stuff from we the people. Aren't they supposed to be liberals?