Friday, January 15, 2016


I haven't had a glass mold failure in about a decade. I didn't get mad when I opened the kiln, just said "Whoops, got some cleanup to do". Glass all over the kiln shelf. Some glass on the bottom over the kiln brick, but that popped right off. It won't be that bad to clean up the kiln shelf. I'll do that Tuesday when I come back.

Managed to slice a pinhead-sized flap of flesh out of my middle finger manipulating the glass mold. It's amazing how painless and easy that is. Bled like a stuck pig.

So, I cleaned up the piece anyway to see how it went. Not good.

The jelly-monster was exactly as I wanted it, and the face and arm of the guy turned out how I wanted it. But the hat and shirt was no good. Shirt should be solid red, and the hat I think should be a light blue. Now I know what I have to do when I recreate this thing. Kind of like the ghost stream body on the guy. It was supposed to go with this piece.

I'll remake it next week.

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