Monday, January 4, 2016

My GREAT Holiday Break

Actually, my holiday breaks are always fantastic, so this one was not unusual. Ate too much, drank too much, slept in late. It was glorious.

The week before Christmas my niece came into town from KC, with her baby. We stayed up until 2am that first night, laughing and being stupid. During the week before Christmas, my brother and I fell into the habit of late night walks. We walked all over the place, visited the old neighborhoods.

At one time, we ran into an old neighbor of ours a couple of doors down from our childhood home, who didn't recognize us. Once we told him who we were, he got a look on his face, like, oh yeah, you hoodlums.

Probably the best walk was on Christmas Eve. Actually, a lot of stuff happened Christmas Eve. Earlier in the week, my niece wanted to go see Star Wars. I said sure, when. She wanted to do it Christmas Day, so I got online for tickets, and... sold out. How about Christmas Eve? We scheduled in the 9pm show.

We had our big dinner around 6. Beef tenderloin, baked potatoes and corn. Pineapple upside-down cake for desert.

Afterwards, we sat in the living room. My great-niece decided I needed prettying up. She kept a putting a plastic necklace on me, then stood back, looked, rearranged the necklace. Must have gone on for a half hour, and I was later praised for my patience. I later mentioned to my mom that it was kind of cute how she was kind of grooming my hair like a chimp. My mom told me... she was trying to clip a bow in my hair.

Star Wars I talked about. It was fun because I was with my niece. Afterwards, at around midnight, we went back home and my brother was waiting for a walk. "Let's go down to the swamp" I said.

I should point that I had an extremely fortunate childhood, in that the four street subdivision development we grew up in had forests and fields in every direction. South of us was a swamp that we used to fish and swim in during the summer, skate on and play hockey on in the winter. There was a patch of forest near the shore, where we built forts and tree houses. One big old oak we dubbed Big Moe.

Everything has been developed now, save for the swamp, which they are draining. Christmas Eve night was windy as hell. Clouds whipping by at an amazing pace, and the moon nearly full.
We walked down, and after a little disorientation due to the fact that the shoreline receded, we found the forest patch. Big Moe was gone. Just a huge upturned mound of black dirt where the rotted stump had been, and new path of new growth where the tree had fallen.

But the Cunt Tree was still there! Called such due to a large lightning strike gash on the side that had healed over into a vagina. We leaned up against the tree on the leeward side of the trunk, and watched the forest sway above us. (That wind was the remnant of the hurricane from Mexico). It was a magic, spooky, witchy moment.

Well, then Christmas Day, and everyone took off for KC. Went to dinner up in Michigan with friends of mine, and I had the most decadent fettucini steak alfredo I've ever had.

I wish for death by steak alfredo.

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