Monday, February 1, 2016

The Last Businessman In Office was Carter. Before him, Hoover.

Bruce Rauner ran on a pledge to "Shake up Springfield". Anyone who has been there knows it is a shithole. Why would you want to shake up a shithole? Wouldn't it get splatter everywhere? Wouldn't people say, "Hey, hey! Careful shaking up that shithole there! At least put the cover on before you do that!!"

But no. Rauner didn't put a cover on it. Actually, if you look at the past year, Rauner hasn't shaken shim because he hasn't done shit, which is what was predicted to happen when "My way or the highway" type of braying ass business executive barges in to govern.

Another phrase would be "Lead. Follow. Or get out of the way!"... which ignores the 4th possibility of "Fuck you". Which, with his alternating drama queen and strong arm tactics, is the exactly the reaction Rauner got. Nothing been done about the execrable fiscal conditions in the state of Illinios. Sure, you can blame Speaker Madigan and Senate President Cullterton as well (and honestly, I'd love to ship them, plus Rauner, plus the whole reptile state legislature that is responsible for this mess to the deepest lead-meltingest portion of the planet Venus).

It's true that Rauner didn't create the mess, but so far, with his insistence on passing anti-labor/pro-business laws that benefit no one but the rich, he's done nothing to help. (I called it. I said that things would suck under Rauner, and they do).

The state of Illinois has no budget. But they keep on spending, and  a year from now the incurred debt is going to be completely ridiculous. Which means they either raise taxes, or cut services.

Rauner has no problem with this. So far, the only people that are suffering are the poor. Rauner knows Republicans don't give a shit about the poor, and the poor, knowing that Republicans don't give a shit about them, have put pressure on the Democrats to do something about the gloom and doom budget woes: cuts to public funding, cuts to public services, cuts to basic survival needs in some cases.

Fuck 'em. Says Rauner. Fuck the poor. Fuck working families. Fuck anyone who is sucker enough to pay more than 4.6% of his income in state taxes. As governor, I represent the REAL people. Citizens United made clear who the real people are. If your not a corporate entity, you don't fucking count.


  1. In other fun news, the oceans are dying, meaning Soylent Green, set in the year 2022, is Right On Schedule!

  2. This is one fucked up country. And human beings are pretty fucked up in general.