Monday, February 8, 2016

Some Different Stuff

My weekend boss, Newman, has been doing some really fantastic materials investigations using balloons and fiberglass resin. He constrains a balloon with various bands, like, rubber bands, cable ties, etc. He then fills the balloons with fiberglass resin or a two-part urethane plastic, rolls them to get the material filmed over the inside of the balloon, then they cure, and he removes the balloon.

His ultimate goal is 8 foot weather balloons squeezed and constrained into interesting shapes, but his first investigations are proof of concept. You end up with these rather amazing looking hollow amber surfaces, sometimes. Sometimes the balloon pops during curing, and then it is a mess.

Some of the forms he made, kind of boobs and butts, and bondage themes to them, are just too cool not to steal.

So, like Picasso, I stole.

I did these today. Balloons partially inflated and bound with rubber bands and cable ties. They were spray painted with primer, then red, then flat black. I photographed them before I put surgical bandage on them to see if I could get a mold of them.


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