Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Fermi Paradox Solved

Largest Space Battle in History Claims 2,900 ships, Untold Virtual Lives!

It's too easy to make fun of this shit. I can picture all of those comic book guys, with bad skin and a few too many pounds on their otherwise light load bearing skeletal frames, wearing trilby hats, sporting neckbeards, playing spreadsheet battles, suffering from rickets and juvenile diabetes from, respectively, lack of sunlight and too many corn syrupy drinks.
"I allocate 200 power points to my deflector shields!" 

No wonder we aren't colonizing planets. And my guess is, this is a filter trap every galactic species has not managed to avoid.

Otherwise, they'd be here, right?

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  1. lol.., how you gone go-in-on Big Don's people like that?