Wednesday, July 10, 2013


For those keeping track, I'm feeling better, but still have probably two more procedures to undergo. I'll keep this not so graphic so that the more squeamish among us (looking UBJ's way), won't get too queasy.

Queasy was my operative word last week. Doing much better this week. The urologist was unable to put a stent into the ureter on the left kidney, so that's still a problem that we discuss at next appointment. But whatever the heck he did, I am in significantly less pain, so that's good. In fact, I just take a sleep aid to get me through the night, and the occasional acetaminophen. So that's very good, a vast improvement to dry puking from the pain. Enough about that. I thank everyone for the their kind words.

I check my essay stats and know that, whenever the essay on Bret Stephens pops up, he has once again managed to shake a sticky turd off his fur, plopped it down into the litter box known as the Wall Street Journal editorial pages. I think that anyone who wishes to study laughably transparent rhetorical blunders and compound logical fallacies really needs to spend some time on the WSJ op-ed pages. And then, icing on the cake, read the comments of these vicious little half-wits that seem bound and determined to convert civilization back into walled-off feudal serfdom. In any case, sure enough, Bret Stephens delivers a moldery old switcheroo which should fail to convince an eight-year-old, but is preaching to the choir with the WSJ clowns. And yes, Bret Stephens is still a silly little cocksucker.

Speaking of stupidity, the Atlantic has a nice piece on walls, and how declining great powers like to build them right before they take a shit in the shower, slip on it, and crack their heads wide open (which is, if not the best way, is certainly the most entertaining way for great powers to decline). I remember reading about Ciudad Juarez, right across from El Paso. People think of Cuidad Juarez as an utter shithole of anarchy, which yes, it has problems. But riddle me this, Batman, who is creating the demand for drugs and the supply of guns? Good ol' US of A. Here's what struck me. They got a wall of Mordor there at the border. On the wall's US side, it is all drab and grey and grim and businesslike. And on the Mexico side it is all colorful graffiti and creative artwork. Remind of you anything? It does me. It reminds me of the Berlin wall, and I got to tell you the US does not the enjoy the comparison of the West Berlin side of that wall. Still more evidence that we are finally entering the capitalist's version of Soviet Empire collapse. Maybe a few more years of obscene military spending will do it, because it sure didn't stimulate the economy the way Bush hoped it would.

But then, it's not like Americans can be considered healthy or happy, especially when compared to the rest of the haves in the OECD world. Shit. The statistics consistently point to the fact that there is something to be said for socialized medicine.

Other things.

I am looking forward to seeing Pacific Rim. I don't care if it's bad. I don't care if it's hokey. I watched, and will watch, every awful Japanese monster movie ever made. I'm all for dumb but fun movies. And occasionally even dumb but stupid movies like the Matrix trilogy. The first Matrix was, eh, OK, way too derivative of far too many better movies, and the second two were just plain awful. I mean, when I'm yawning and glancing at my watch during the money-shot action climax, that's not a good sign. Someone once told me they felt it was a "brain on" movie. I responded that the only way I could consistently suspend my disbelief was by the neck until dead, dead, dead.

I swear I don't undertand how the Warchowskis, or M. Night Shyalaman are allowed to continue to make movies. Who is funding these hacks? All I can figure is that they must possess the monumental fellating skills of a Wayne LaPierre.

So, Pacific Rim. My brother objected to it because of the giant robots. Seriously? No problem with the physical impossibility of giant monsters? I mean, the bone cross-section of a 200 foot tall reptile or giant turtle is ludicrously insane. And you are worried about a giant robot? Anyway...

On the tech front, I continue to get that gut feeling that something is going to happen. People complain that we don't do big things. We do do big things, they are just small, and getting smaller. And I notice my favorite obsession, ultracold atomtronics, is finally going commercial, with the ColdQuanta startup. And they just provided a BEC manufactory to JPL for use on the ISS. I'm telling you, man. There is something there. Not sure what. But something.

Speaking of something, as in speech, it appears human language goes back a million years. I'm not surprised. All that horse-shit about language causing the Big Culture Bang 40,000 years ago just doesn't ring true. I mean, function follows form, Mother Nature is a stingy and penurious old bitch, so you aren't anatomically modern and possess giant brains for 200,000 years and not do anything with them. As I've said before, language is over-rated.

And apparently, so is intelligence. More and more research on animals suggest that you just don't need that many neurons to behave intelligently. I'm reading a book on it right now. I'll write a book report when I'm done. But I'm becoming more and more convinced that Maggie Thatcher, that poisonous old bitch, had it all ass-backwards when she said "there's no such thing as society". Actually, Maggie, it's starting to look like there's no such thing as individuals, at least, no recognizable individuals that would exist without societies.


  1. The only thing that remains of America is the myth and that is crumbling.

    I love sci-fi and monster movies. I happily suspend my belief and enjoy the spectacle.

    1. It's my little treat to me! Rumor has it, Del Toro brought Barlowe in as monster consultant:

  2. I got my mechanicules t-shirt today and must say - tis, the bomb!!!!!

    Call it the limits of my vision, but I can't see beating the black figures on the white tee-shirt ground. Looks mighty fine. Thanks for calling that shot.

    I'm conflicted now. I want to wear it for tennis, because I'd like it to promote the concept in that context. However, I don't want to sweat it through and discolor it at an accelerated pace, so mebbe I wear my typical black tee for tennis, and then change out into the mechanicules after..., yeah, that's the ticket.

    I still haven't heard back from my boy about ecommerce solutions, so I'll begin water torturing him until I get that information. CafePress is definitely out of the question as their extortionate fees suck all the air and light out of the transactional room.

    1. Hey! That's great! That means the other t-shirts I sent out should have made it as well. I'm a little side-tracked on the rest of the rewards, and not just because of health issues. I went straight back to work after the surgery and suffered for it a few days later. So, I scaled back activities, which is driving me crazy. I really do need about 150 more years to get all the stuff done I want to get done.

      Plus, end of the summer session and my traditional metal castings class, which means the facilities and equipment are dedicated to things other than my bronze rewards. Pretty much got most of them cast but not cleaned and polished. And then simply a matter of mailing them out when I find the time. But time is, as always, the most precious and least available commodity.

      Don't worry about the ecommerce stuff. My website development is on the back burner until I get everything else straightened out.