Monday, July 29, 2013

Things That Happen in August

I don't know about you, but Chicago is going through cold spell. Record low highs this past weekend made it feel like late September. I don't particularly mind this, but I would like more of summer, seeing as I haven't gotten to have a summer. (Meaning no physical outdoor activities because of this dang swollen kidney of mine).

Speaking of which, my next procedure is August 14th. Similar to the one on 7/2, but they work on my right kidney. It turns out, that ureter is threatening to seal up as well, and they will resect that side of the bladder and put a stent in the ureter until everything heals. My understanding is this can turn from an outpatient procedure into an overnight stay at the hospital if they need to perform a percutaneous nephrostomy to get the stent in. And then the stent is in for a week or so, and I will be very uncomfortable and unable to ignore this thing. And also the Foley catheter.

So, joy.

And we will haven't address the very sad left kidney, which they keep threatening to remove. If (after a second opinion confirms it), they do have to remove it, that will happen in late September.

I keep telling the doc that, if he just gives that kidney half a chance, it will bounce back. He didn't seem convinced. But then, he scoped my bladder out to see how the resection had gone, and he said "Holy shit! You are completely healed!"

And I replied "I told you! I told you! What did I tell you? I'm a fucking monster!"

Friends down in Indiana, who know me well, and know I am almost indestructible when it comes to getting knocked around, said "Shit, with you, if they take it out, it'll just grow back".

No one is worried about me down there.

So, the plan is to accomplish as much as I can over the next two weeks with bronze casting and glass casting. I have two glass castings in the kiln which should be out this Wednesday. I have about eight or so waxes ready to be rigged up and invested and burned out and cast in bronze. I'm really hoping I can get all that done before the 14th, but reality says "Probably not".

I'll give it a shot anyway.

Oh, and a picture!

Tentatively classified as M. blinkii


  1. yah, the fun just never ends, right? and your new wax? definitely a keeper. for me, I mean.

    1. Ah. Thanks! I'm afraid it's too much animal and not enough mechanical, but I'm keepin' it.

  2. Hi John,

    So I've been wandering in the wilderness for a few months--did I miss the boat on contributing to your mechanicule collection? Talk to me like I'm slow--how do I give you some money?


    1. I have three of the $25 bronze pendants left. They are very good at water-witching gravity. The $100 bronzes I am out of. I can whip one up in a coffee can mold if you would like one. Say the word, and we will work out the exchange later.

    2. Dude, email my gmail account:, and I will lay out the options.

  3. We now know why. Johnny Always OK.