Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fairly Productive Day

I got a lot done today. I rigged a piece for bronze casting:

I loaded two glass molds with color and glass and put them in the kiln. They will be out sometime next week. I invested a wax for glass casting, and then steamed it out:

Here is the wax it came from:

I made a new wax piece, tentatively titled M. papilio, because it reminded me of a butterfly. And I also kept on thinking of a story I read about an astronaut on an lush and beautiful alien world, with flowering plants and butterflies. He takes his helmet off to enjoy the smells, and the butterflies swarm on him and eat his head. I don't know if I read that or dreamt that. Anyway... here it is:

Tomorrow, I get two glass molds out of the kiln, decant and clean them, and will take snaps of them, so you got that to look forwards to. 

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  1. Whoops, the kiln is still at 325 degrees. So, there will be no pictures of cat glass until Monday, 8/5.