Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Unavoidable Consequences

I had to do studio cleanup work at the college today, for which students will not thank me.

They will not thank me because they will never know about it (as some tasks involved environmental remediation that will add years to their little sprout-like lives).

Still and all, I managed to get a lot of my stuff done as well, and the clock is ticking, since my deadline for work stoppage - temporary work stoppage - is now a week and a day away.

So, today, I got a glass mold filled with color and put into the kiln. Timetable says it will be done late night of 8/10, so I (and you) will see it next Monday.

I got another mechanicule wax completed, but not rigged up. Sorry, no picture of it today.

I got two glass molds out of the kiln. Another (a machinerette cast glass mold) in the kiln at the high end soak and out this Friday (so you might get a pic of it then). And I got DD's reward in a coffee can mold in the kiln for a Friday bronze pour. Hoping to sand cast more aluminum frames tomorrow.

I was supposed to go to an opening in downtown Chicago for a piece of mine that is in a show at Cliffdwellers, but I got no time to make it down there. Sigh. Let's see if I can find a URL of the show...

Okay, here's a picture from last year's Six to the Third show, and if you look in the lower left-hand corner, there is a 3D-printed Candy Skull made by a guy I contributed monies to on Kickstarter!

So, my piece is in this year's Six to the Third Show (6" x 6" x 6", get it?), and it looks like this:

It is called Mechanicus viginticigarinii. It was catalogued by eldest brother in honor of Frank Zappa (Twenty Small Cigars):

So, there's that, and then I also have pictures!

Mushroomtron mechanicule:

Deep Jelly Mechanicule:

Now I gotta go do laundry so I don't smell tomorrow.

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